Gris Gris Bag For Money: How To Create A Voodoo Charm Bag


Gris Gris Bag For Money: How To Create A Voodoo Charm Bag

By Amber Rose

Gris Gris Bag For Money

Traditionally, a gris-gris bag for money is a small drawstring baggie sized 2in by 3in made from red flannel fabric, chamois, or leather. Placed inside the bag would be stones, dried herbs, crushed minerals, personal items, bones, charms, amulets, runes, sigils, and coins. With each of the acquired items containing a specific spiritual symbolism. These bags were used to protect from evil, to attract money, love, luck, career expansion, and much more.

Gris Gris Bag Pronunciation

Gris Gris is pronounced “Gri – Gri” or “Gree – Gree”

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Gris Gris Bag For Money History

Many cultures throughout history have been benefiting from the use of gris-gris bags aka “charm bags.” The gris-gris bags are ancestors of Voodoo dolls and are still used in present times mainly in the New Orleans area. These small bags contain crystals, stones, herbs, and any other cherished spiritual items to the user. They have many uses ranging from safeguarding the user from evil, attracting abundance, and love, etc.

The origins of the gris-gris bag go all the way back to ancient Egypt amulets were worn to keep the individual safe in life as well as in death taking it along with them into the spiritual world. American Indians would wear medicinal bags that they permeated with herbs for specific healing properties and other items for protection. Voodoo practitioners would take bone, tree roots, rocks, and stones and keep them inside flannel bags. These became what we refer to as “gris-gris bags” and are used for protection, abundance, luck, and much more.

Whichever name you associate with these magical charm bags there is no doubt that they are a powerful tool for anyone practicing witchcraft and magic. These magical charms act as a way for you to carry your spellwork with you during the day to day activities.

Gris Gris Bag For Money Considerations

Before you create your own gris-gris bag for money you should consider a few things. The color bag you use will be essential for the desire you wish to fulfill. You can use different colored fabrics based on the magical association. Only place an odd number of trinkets in your gris-gris bag (no less than 3 and no more than 13). Use only items to fill your bag that matches your intention. Each item must be blessed as it goes into the bag. The bag must also be anointed in oil and smudged to become magically active.

Gris Gris Bag For Money: Items To Include

It is advised when picking herbs and other items for your bag you should include things that represent money. Use items like bay leaves, fresh basil, any green stone like malachite, green adventuring, green jade, etc. Include items for their metaphysical prosperity associations like stones, shells, and metals such as gold, citrine, opal, ruby, tiger’s eye, pine needles, and even cornstarch. Anything that is attuned with attracting financial abundance.

Use real money in the form of coins, bills, and even random amounts of money written on paper, etc. Good herbs for attracting money include angelica root, ash, basil, bay laurel, birch, blackberry, black-eyed peas, camellia, cedar, chamomile, four-leaf and five-leaf clover, cloves, dandelion, dill seeds, Kalgan root, Ginger root, Patchouli, Echinacea, fenugreek, ferns, fig, ginger, High John the Conqueror root, l mint, mojo beans, moss, myrtle, nutmeg, oak, orange, palm, rice, sage, and vervain.

How To Create A Gris-Gris Bag For Money

To make your own gris-gris bag for money, start by acquiring a green-colored baggie for its color association to money. Make sure the bag is big enough to hold your 3-13 items. Try to make your mojo bag during the waxing moon as this is the moon phase indicative of growth and expansion. Thursday is the ideal day of the week to make your bag as this is the day representing prosperity and good luck.

gris gris bag for money

After you gather all your items find a quiet comfortable area you will not be disturbed to assemble your gris-gris bag. Now start to visualize your desired outcome. Keep thinking about it coming true. Focus on the feeling and visualize what your financial outcome looks and feels like. These feelings will help you to manifest your desired intent towards your gris-gris bag for money.

Begin by lighting a candle associated with your intention of acquiring money (green). It is suggested you light 3 candles beginning with green, then white for protection, and black to acknowledge the duality of the energy. When you light these candles ask for the items that are going inside your bag to be consecrated and blessed. Now grab your items and one by one place them inside your bag. As the items go inside they are each blessed and the entire bag is then adorned in anointing oil. Remember to only include an odd number of items.

State Your Intention

You can now state your intention or incantation. This can something like: “I bring together these gems and herbs asking for abundance and wealth.” Or you can get more in-depth by calling upon individual spirits, gods, or elements using their preferred methods of contact and specific items related to them. You can find that info on the internet by looking up incantations for the desired entity. If you would rather mentally state your intentions and use visualization practices to induce wealth and abundance for your gris-gris bag, you can do that as well. To finish off your gris-gris bag for money smudge it with your preferred incense. This is the final act required to activate your magical gris-gris bag for money.

*Important To Remember

Use the correct terms! Using a term such as abundance when stating an incantation can be all-inclusive meaning that it can attract both good and bad results. When creating your bag and stating your intention make sure to be specific and clearly define that your desire is for this gris-gris bag is monetary gain.

In Conclusion…

Your gris-gris bag for money is now finished. Carry it with you, or place it somewhere it can easily be seen. Let this bag serve as a charm and physical representation that financial security is coming to you. The now completed bag will be a constant reminder of your coming manifestations.

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