Full Moon Magick – 7 Practices To Harness Lunar Energy!


Full Moon Magick – 7 Practices To Harness Lunar Energy!

By Amber Rose

full moon magick

For anyone practicing in occult traditions, knows and understands that moon phases are integral in rituals and spell work. The 4 different moon phases waxing moon, full moon, waning moon and new moon each have different magical associations. So spell work should be planned in accordance with the properties needed. Traditionally, the full moon has been considered a time period for vast magickal workings, containing incredible amounts of power for many different belief systems. Because when the moon is full she has extra potent magickal qualities that can be harnessed for spell work. Making the full moon is a time of metaphysical jubilees for pagans worldwide. Today we will be going over full moon magick and how you can get started with some simple ritual practices to harness lunar energies at home!

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1. Full Moon Magick For Instinctual Expansion

People who are considered to be intuitive can attain to the fact of feeling exacerbated feelings of consciousness during the full moon. If you wish to further your psychic abilities this is a great time to do it! Connect with the moon herself. Make yourself comfortable in the moonlight. Make sure you have no distractions around and can focus all your intent on the moon. See her as the gatekeeper of mystical energies and the archetype for heavenly magick. Realize the growing bond of energy radiating amidst you and the moon. Remain in a state of openness waiting to accept the presents of foresight and intuitiveness that are associated with lunar energy. During this time rehearse your growing psychic abilities, right now your perception is at its height.

2. Scrying

Scrying is the act of looking into a reflective surface and deciphering images or information seen. There are multiple ways you can actually performing scrying. In general full moon scrying is very effective and an easy way to practice divination. This is mainly due to the fact that we have more energy during the full moon. Start by filling a dark bowl with water and place it outside on a flat surface in full view of the moonlight near where you are sitting. Gaze deeply into the water, what do you see?

Look for images, sigils, symbols, patterns, etc. Sometimes words will form. Remember this is a form of divination just like tarot and what you see should be interpreted as such. Once you have finished scrying you can either dispose of the water by pouring it out as an offering in nature somewhere. Or you can leave the water out to charge and let it turn into moon water.

3. Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming

For those of you wanting to lucid dream or astral project, the full moon is the time to do it! Lucid dreaming is when you are dreaming but you have control over the dream as if you were awake. It is commonly believed that if you decide on a path you wish for your dream to take, when you actually fall into your dream it is easier for you to achieve the prior set intentions during dreaming.

For example, let’s say you want to answer a question that has been plaguing you, but you just don’t know the answer to it. While your falling into a state of sleep, let your question and possible outcomes play out in your head. These will be the last thoughts ruminating in your head before you fall asleep. Once you arrive into sleep land you can further dive into each of these outcomes and explore all your possibilities. The same goes for astral projecting, focus on the intentions you want for your astral travels as you drift off and use the lunar energies during the full moon to explore the astral realm.

4. Full Moon Magick Atonement Rituals

If you have been putting off or waiting to do a cleansing/purification ritual, now is the time! Grab items off your altar and prepare to cleanse all your magickal supplies! You may sage these tools or smoke them with incense. Lay these items outside next to your charging moon water and lets them ingest the lunar energies. It is important to keep in mind that even if it is a cloudy night lunar energies are still present making the full moon magick achievable. You can even charge these items from the convenience of your windowsill if you have to go inside!

full moon magick

5. Spiritual Renewal

If you have been feeling overwhelmed or like the weight your carrying is becoming too much, you can use the full moon to spiritually renew yourself. During the full moon, we are at a state of elevated consciousness as well as on the brink of the waning moon phase meaning a time of releasing what is no longer serving us. Get rid of the old things in your life that are holding you back. Whatever they may be, people, work, feelings, etc. Make an intentional decision to change your life for the better. Don’t focus on things that are inconsequential, only focus on what you wish you manifest! Welcome happiness and abundance into your life!

6. Talent and Inventiveness

If you wish to embrace your creative side, take advantage of that during this time. Play a song, write an article, draw a picture, and dance to music. Are you hoping to incorporate new practices in your work or personal life but haven’t been ready? Pull the trigger on those ideas! Call on the moon’s intense energy and use that to manifest your creative desires!

full moon magick

7. Medicinal Full Moon Magick Practices

For a large number of practitioners during the full moon, they use the time for healing purposes. While outside under the moonlight, make offerings to healing gods you worship. Ask them to grant you the full moon magick powers of healing energy. The moon’s main associations are women’s related issues and fertility. If you find yourself or someone you care about suffering from these issues, take this time to perform a healing ritual invoking medicinal energies into your body. You can run a bath containing magickal herbs aligned with your individual needs and you may also incorporate crystals charged in the full moonlight to aid your healing practices.

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