Cord Cutting Spell: How To Cut Energetic Cords That Tie You To Others


Cord Cutting Spell: How To Cut Energetic Cords That Tie You To Others

By Amber Rose

cord cutting spell

What Is A Cord Cutting Spell?

A cord cutting spell is a way to rid yourself of any negative energies that have attached themselves to you through life experiences. An energy cord is an etheric tie between you and another energy source and typically resembles a thick red cord. Energy cords can come from relationships and unhealthy situations that have been keeping you down and stealing your energy. A cord cutting spell will not physically or vibrationally hurt you or those you wish to cut ties with. This will only erase the vibrational energy bonds keeping you tied together, while also empowering you to move forward.

If you feel you are out of control with your own emotions, then someone else is pulling the strings. It’s time to grab some scissors and cut the cord.

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This is a ritual to cut and release the low vibration energy that has attached itself to you. When you perform this spell you will cleanse both your energy space as well as the other person you have formed a cord with. Taking part in a cord cutting spell does not mean you do not love that person anymore or wish them harm, you are simply removing their ability to negatively impact your energy field. When you cut the cords, you can then start to be independent of others and stand in your own power, no longer feeling constantly drained. Although it may feel like things are coming to an end, it is actually an opportunity to start fresh and with a clean slate.

Resisting, identifying with, and suppressing emotions is the number one reason why we become so sick and overwhelmed as empaths. But the more embracing and accommodating you are towards the emotions you feel, without identifying with them, the more quickly they leave.

Cord Cutting Spell Benefits

Performing a cord cutting spell is a universally natural act that will unblock the energy field that is inside you and all-encompassing around you. Once you do it lucidity is restored and your innovative traits will return in full force. The allure around this ritual is that once you disconnect with the cord, whatever forces were restraining you from reaching your full potential will be set free from your physical and spiritual vessel.

To Perform A Cord Cutting Spell You Will Need:

A Picture Of You And The Person You Wish To Cut Cords With

(2) Red Candles

A Pair Of Scissors

Anointing Oil

Red String

A Lighter

To Prepare For The Cord Cutting Spell

You must first perform a cleansing ritual, this can be done by simply taking a shower and cleansing your auric field. Next, you will need to layout your materials and cast circle.

Cord Cutting Spell 101


Begin by carving your name in the first candle and in the second candle etch out the other individuals name.


Now you will charge your candles. Doing so by rubbing them with anointing oil, starting in the center and working your way towards the ends. While you are working the oil in imagine sending your energy outwards while envisioning the person who you named on the candle.


Grab one of the candles and hold it above your altar while you visualize it charged with energy.

Offer this candle to your altar stating:

As the Goddess gave form and substance to our spirits,

I give form and substance to this candle,

As she named us her children,

I name this candle as (name here),

As this candle is wax and wick,

So it is also flesh and blood,

I send this word forth and bring it into being.

*Do this once more with your other candle.


Take some time to quietly reflect on the cheer and comfort this person once brought into your life. Remember your favorite times together. Imagine the connection from your heart chakra center to theirs, with a solid red cord connecting you together.

cord cutting spell


Now tie your physical red cord aka red string to the center of each candle, while visualizing the two of you tied together in spirit form.


Take the picture of the two of you and place it in the center of the cord while repeating the following:

As the goddess links us in spirit, I link these forms together,

As above, so below, As within, so without!


Similar to earlier in the ritual, sit quietly and reflect. Only this time think about the reasons you wish to cut ties energetically with this person. Remember any situations that contributed to wanting to cut ties. While you meditate trust in the knowledge that the goddess only wants good things for you, and you should want the same for yourself. When you feel you have had enough, imagine telling the person that this connection is over and you will be moving on with your life. Visualize yourself getting up and walking away from the relationship metaphorically.


Grab the scissors and cut the cord as well as the picture between your two candles. While you cut the cord physically repeat the following:

By my own will, and with harm to no one,

I cut the cord that ties me to (name here),

We once chose to walk the same path,

But now I choose to walk a different road,

Even though we still have the same destination,

No longer do our steps move together as you are no longer my friend or lover,

I release (name here) from all bonds to me,

And I am released from thee,

As I do will,

I send this word forth and bring it into being.


Pick up the candle that represents the person your cutting ties with, also their half of the cord and picture. Place these three items in a fireproof burning dish. As you light the items repeat the following:

As the smoke lifts up and floats away,

So does all my ties to you…I send this word forth and bring it into being.


Put your remaining candle atop the altar to let it burn. That is the end of the ritual. You will now clean up and close your circle. Take the remnants of this ritual and bury them all except for your candle.

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