Black Mirror Scrying: What Is This Ancient Art & How To Use It

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Black Mirror Scrying: What Is This Ancient Art & How To Use It

By Amber Rose

black mirror scrying

What Is Black Mirror Scrying?

Black Mirror Scrying, is often referred to as a magick mirror scrying, and it is a highly effective psychic tool. It can impart hidden information and clairvoyant abilities to the user, as well as serve as a conduit to other realms of existence. Many traditional mystery schools and oracular temples have used it in the past. The historic traditions of the black scrying mirror can now be rediscovered by serious students of magickal arts, as these practices are resurfacing.

Scrying Meaning

Scrying is the mantic art of staring into or upon a crystal or dark mirror while relaxing the physical eyes, allowing the inner psychic eyes to open and receive desired visions or information. The use of a black mirror is one of the most effective ways to achieve the mental state required for trance and scrying activity. It can serve as a focus point for visualization as well as a portal to the astral dimension. It gives you access to the Akashic Records and allows you to communicate with higher realms and the subconscious. The conventional crystal ball is a wonderful instrument as well, although it is more difficult to scry with and is usually more pricey.

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What Are Black Mirrors Made Of?

Black mirrors are typically made with black obsidian. Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that occurs naturally. It is extremely uniform and faultless, and it can be polished to a high shine, making it ideal for scrying. These mirrors are oval or round in shape. If you dont want to buy an obsidian mirror you can also make your own black scrying mirror with just a few simple tools.

Black Obsidian Mirror Scrying

Black obsidian is a purifying and healing stone that activates the lower chakras, particularly the Root Chakra. It creates a protective energy shield that collects and absorbs bad frequencies while also blocking any psychic attacks. You may move and flow freely because black obsidian creates a clear channel and space for you. It clears your sacred space, heals tears in the auric fields, and cures body, mind, and spirit. Black obsidian is a grounding stone that can also help with grief and letting go.

Ancient Mexicans utilized scrying mirrors to go into the world of the gods and ancestors. Shamans and sorcerers may gaze into and acquire information not attained or easily available in the physical sphere by peering into the hazy depths of a mirror. The Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, whose name means “burning mirror,” was associated with the black obsidian scrying mirror. He was the god of the night and its creatures, particularly the jaguar, with whom he was most closely identified. This powerful spirit animal was thought to be capable of traveling between the physical earth realm and the underworld. Scying mirrors were also famously employed by Nostradamus to forecast the future.

How To Scry:

Step 1

You should begin by turning off all of the lights. It’s also a good idea to scry at night to get the best level of darkness possible. The moon or a candle should be the only source of light in the room.

Step 2

Place your mirror at a 45-degree angle to eliminate any reflections. It should appear as if you’re looking through a dark window. In the mirror, you should not be able to see your own reflection. Because scrying can take a long time, you’ll want to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Step 3

Close your eyes and concentrate on cleansing your mind of all thoughts once your mirror is in the proper position. Open your eyes and stare into the glass when you feel clear and ready. You should feel relaxed and at ease. Breathe properly and blink your eyes naturally. Relax the focus of your eyes; it should not be a hard gaze. As though you were looking through the mirror, your focus should be directed into its depths.

Step 4

After a moment, you should see that the mirror’s darkness has changed to a gray or hazy appearance. Colors should begin to surface as a result of this, possibly in the form of forms, symbols, or even pictures. Moving pictures or formations that adopt the shape of letters or sentences could be used. If you’re having problems seeing the images or forms, envision them on the glass’ surface. Visualize certain geometric shapes in vivid, primary colors to begin this exercise. Before going on to the next shape, focus on it for at least a minute. Try to keep any conscious thoughts out of your mind while visualizing, but be mindful of any thoughts that do arise.

*Most scrying practitioners see the visions, images, and shapes in their mind’s eye rather than in their physical vision.

black scrying mirror

Make A Black Scrying Mirror DIY


Glass Picture Frame

Black Paint

Paint Brush

How Do You Make A Black Mirror:

#1 Remove the glass from the frame and place it on a piece of newspaper.

#2 Paint the glass with black paint and leave it to dry.
(I recommend two to three coats.) If necessary, clean the outer section of the glass with window cleaner once it has dried.

#3 Place the unpainted side of glass into the picture frame with the painted glass side facing you. Herbs, crystals, stones, shells, feathers, and other magical materials can be glued to your black magic picture frame.

How To Care For A Scrying Mirror

The old way of caring for a black scrying mirror or crystal ball was to never expose it to sunlight, as sunlight limits the psychic mind’s connection with the Divine Energy and blurs communication with it. Charging the crystals with the Moon’s energy, is supposed to offer the correct energy to recharge your mirror.

The Art Of Black Mirror Scrying

As we learned today, the black mirror is a strong divinatory and visioning instrument that has been respected for generations for its capacity to see behind the world’s curtain. Scrying, or mirror gazing, is an ancient technique for communicating with the dead, opening gates to the angelic realm, seeing into the future and past, and seeing faraway locations. As instruments, other gleaming surfaces have been used, but the black mirror stands out above them all.

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