24 Types Of Divination Methods You Need To Check Out!

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24 Types Of Divination Methods You Need To Check Out!

By Amber Rose

types of divination

The different types of divination are a very lovely component of psychic abilities, magick and witchcraft. It urges us to put our egos aside, clear our brains, and trust in our intuition to disclose and materialize the secrets of life, nature, and the universe, which we all possess. So, what precisely is divination? Putting my genuine affection aside, it’s a straightforward way to provide clarity to the future. Specifically, what might happen in the future if we don’t make any adjustments and continue on our current route.

Because of much of the popular culture surrounding witchcraft in movies and mythology, many are confused about the “fortune teller” part of divination. No one can “predict the future,” as the adage goes, but we may bring intense clarity to our position and that of others by reflection and insight, with a little help from the higher consciousness that surrounds us. We do this by incorporating various types of divination tools into our spells and rituals, which you’ll learn about in this tutorial.

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Types Of Divination

Divination can take many different forms… This, I believe, is a critical concept to grasp before embarking on your own educational journey. As with any form of witchcraft, one witch’s way is unlikely to be the same as someone else’s. The divination methods described here are not exhaustive, and my descriptions do not represent the only correct way to utilize them. Please open your head, then your heart, to discover for yourself the actual essence of divination. Make your own version of these ideas. With that said, many witches prefer to use one of the following traditional divination methods that have been passed down to us.

Types Of Divination List

#1 Astrology

For millennia, people have relied on astrology. Early Indian, Chinese, and Maya peoples, for example, developed complex systems for deducing meaning from the celestial bodies overhead. It was recognized as an authoritative source of information at the royal courts of Europe for centuries during the Middle Ages, and it was considered one of the core liberal arts. While astrology isn’t exclusively a divination technique, some witches find it extremely useful for divining the future or making important decisions that could affect their goals.

#2 Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is one of the most popular methods for receiving communications from the spirit realm. Simply put, this is a method in which the writer keeps a pen or pencil in his or her hand and enables messages to flow through it without conscious thinking or effort. Some people believe the messages are coming from the afterlife. Many mediums claim to be able to transmit messages from famous people who have passed away, including historical figures, authors, and even musicians. The more you practice automatic writing, the more you’ll understand the signals you’re receiving from the other side, just like any other type of psychic divination.

#3 Bibliomancy

The diviner practices bibliomancy by using a book (usually the Bible). In theory, it’s a simple procedure: simply ask a question and then open the book to a random page. The answer you seek will be found in the first sentence (or paragraph). However, depending on the type of book you choose, you may need to get creative.

#4 Candle

Candle is a type of divination and candle magic that involves reading the progress of a candle as it burns. Candle divination is all about reading things like smoke, flame, wax melt, and flow direction once a question or petition is asked.

#5 Cartomancy

A deck of cards is required for cartomancy. Card readers or cartomancers are those who engage in this sort of divination. There are 52 cards in a deck of playing cards. You’ll need to study the meanings of each number, suit, and face. Tarot cards are a type of cartomancy. The card reader will adapt the information offered by the cards chosen to the situation of the person being read, whether that person is themselves or someone else. The cartomancer will answer questions provided by the individual being read during these readings. They will also reveal information about the past, present, or future.

#6 Clairaudience

Some people may hear sounds that are outside of their typical hearing range. These individuals are sometimes channeled or mediums, able to hear voices from the afterlife. Clairaudience can also manifest as the ability to “hear” a loved one in distress from thousands of kilometers away. Those who have clairaudience abilities report receiving messages in the shape of words, incomprehensible sounds, or even music. According to practitioners, we can all hear such signals; all it takes is training to learn how to recognize them.

#7 Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is defined as “clear seeing,” and individuals who possess it are claimed to have a sixth sense and the ability to see energy. Clairvoyance, often known as extrasensory perception or ESP, is the ability to perceive things that are not visible to the naked eye. Clairvoyance can manifest itself as the ability to see auras, daydream frequently, and, shockingly, have a superb sense of direction.

#8 Clearomancy

Traditionally, little things were used in this activity (pebbles, crystals, bones, sticks). Over time, this divination evolved to include pebbles and dice, which are still used by the majority of diviners today. You’ll need 13 bright colored pebbles and 13 dark colored stones of roughly the same size to learn Cleromancy. Ask any yes or no question, then shake the stones or pebbles well in a bag or basin. Ask your question two more times while shaking the bag.

Close your eyes and take a handful of stones with you. Count the number of light stones and the number of dark stones on a flat surface. The answer is in your favor if there are more light pebbles. The answer is no if there are more blacks. There is no answer if you picked up the same number of both, and you will have to try again later.

liist of divination

#9 Cromniomancy

Cromniomancy is the practice of divining with onion sprouts. The method starts with a ceremony to convey the subject or topic at hand, followed by observation and interpretation of how the seeds sprout.

#10 Dowsing/Diving Rods

Dowsing rods are two L-shaped metal rods used to locate water, minerals, or converse with supernatural beings. The method was first utilized in Europe in the 1500s, when individuals used dowsing rods or a forked branch to locate gemstones and hidden metals. Before humans had access to public water systems in the United States, “water witching” was a common practice. Today, dowsing rods are used by ghost investigators to ask spirits questions.

#11 Fortune Telling

Have you ever gone to a fortune teller for guidance? Do you have concerns about your future and wish to know what lies ahead? Individuals seek advice from tellers when this occurs. Fortune telling is the art of foretelling someone’s future, and it is practiced all throughout the world.

It is critical that the fortune teller understands how to use their specific skills and abilities in order to make precise and reliable predictions. They should have a lot of experience and an excellent sense of perception.

#12 Graphology

Graphology is the study of handwriting in order to deduce wider meanings, such as the writer’s psychological or emotional state. Graphology can also be used to figure out some personality traits about the person whose handwriting is being studied. Law enforcement forensic handwriting analysis, on the other hand, concentrates on determining the writer’s identity.

#13 I-Ching

In the I-Ching type of divination, the medium will toss coins several times and record how they land. The Book of Changes is then used to evaluate their pattern, revealing a specific message. The hexagrams are the 64 archetypes that make up the I-Ching. Each one has its unique interpretation, guiding the user through their predicament.

The diviner must be well-versed in hexagram interpretations and capable of accurately reading the message. While this is a basic procedure, the coins can fall in a variety of directions, necessitating some skill.

#14 Lithiomancy

Lithomancy is a type of divination that uses stones, crystals, and occasionally even rocks. Each piece has a meaning, therefore you’ll need to learn about crystal and stone meanings before you can utilize this divination to your benefit. In the long run, this knowledge will be useful. In a mojo bag, place ten crystals. They should be shaken. Pose a question and see what comes up. Your answer is the gemstone you choose. The diviner’s particular powers come into play when the answer isn’t always obvious. To figure out the answer, they must rely on their instincts.

#15 Numerology

Numerology is a type of divination that is incorporated into many Pagan spiritual systems. Numbers have a significant lot of spiritual and magical importance, according to numerology’s core concepts. Some numbers are more potent and powerful than others, and numbers can be combined to create magical effects. Numbers have a planetary importance in addition to magical correspondences.

types of divination list

#16 Ogham

Ogham is a type of divination makes use of the ancient Celtic Ogham alphabet etched upon staves to foretell future occurrences. Simply ask a question, then remove the staves from the bag (1-5ish) and read their meanings in order.

#17 Oneiromancy

For millennia, psychics and oracles have used dreams to deduce deeper meanings about the present and future. Today, oneiromancy — dream interpretation – aids the practitioner in predicting the future based on their own or others’ dreams. Do you want to examine your dreams? Experts recommend having a dream notebook by your bedside so that you may write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Then it’s just a matter of doing a fast Google search to figure out what your dream means.

#18 Osteomancy

For thousands of years, tribes all across the world have used bones for divination, a practice known as osteomancy. While there are a variety of methodologies, the goal is always the same: to predict the future by looking at the signals in the bones. Asking a question, tossing a collection of bones and other materials on a surface, and then deciphering the messages the bones reveal is the technique of bone divination. Many animist witches practice this less prevalent method of divination since it requires a strong connection with the spirit of the bones to correctly read them.

#19 Palmistry

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is a type of divination that employs the qualities of a person’s hand to predict their destiny. The color of one’s palm, as well as its shape, lines, and even the lengths of one’s fingers, provide clues to the palm reader about the person’s present and future.

#20 Pendulum

We start with the pendulum since it is one of the simplest methods to learn because it mostly responds to yes or no questions with a clear and sometimes conclusive answer.
You don’t have to be a diviner to use a pendulum; many people do it without any formal training. Hold the chain and let it dangle without moving it to use the pendulum. Begin asking simple “yes” or “no” questions once the pendulum is fully stationary. As a result, the pendulum will begin to swing. It is signalling ‘no’ if it swings from side to side. Yes is indicated by a front to back movement.

#21 Precognition

Have you ever encountered someone who can predict what will happen before it happens? Maybe you’re one of these individuals. Precognition is a type of divination that provides foreshadowing of what may occur in the future. These flashes of intuition may appear as perceptions, dreams, or flashes of intuition out of nowhere. When anything “out of the blue” appears in the back of your mind, pay attention to your ideas. It could just be a foreshadowing hit.

#22 Psychcometry

Some witches have the ability to learn about a person or event, simply by touching it. Psychometry means “object reading,” a type of divination where those persons who have this gift may detect the vibrations left behind by the former owner of an object.

types of divination list

Rune Casting

Rune casting, like card reading, is a type of divination that allows you to tap into your mind. Runes, which date back to ancient German and Nordic tribes, have a symbol that corresponds to a meaning contained in a book. While runes cannot predict the future, they can provide insight into the innate information you already possess – what your heart wants you to focus on.

#23 Scrying

Scrying is done with the help of a crystal, a flame, a bowl of water, or a mirror. To scry, one relaxes the physical eyes and invites the spiritual third eye to the surface by gazing at the surface of their selected medium. Scrying is frequently employed to get access to the Akashic record, the subconscious self, or to communicate with a god. This method is done in a variety of ways, some of which are more popular than others. Scrying methods include: crystollomancy, hydromancy, pyromancy and mirror scrying.

#24 Tasseography

Before being flipped upside down on a saucer, tea is blended in a cup. The message is revealed by the leaves that remain within the cup. The diviner’s role is to decipher the tea leaves’ pattern. Tasseography, or tasseomancy, is a form of divination that dates back to the 17th century. Herbology, which is a part of the healing process, is often associated with this beverage. When doing this divination, some people also use coffee in place of tea.

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